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The Kansas State Board of Education, at the December 2012 regular board meeting, approved the following definition for the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards to help set a clear focus on the expectations for students graduating from Kansas schools.


 “College and Career Ready means an individual has the academic preparation, cognitive preparation, technical skills, and employability skills to be successful in postsecondary education, in the attainment of an industry recognized certification or in the workforce, without the need for remediation.”


Moving forward all Kansas Standards will be referred to as Kansas College and Career Ready Standards: English-Language Arts (Math, Science, etc.) to align with the new definition.

At the March 2013 USD #449 Board of Education meeting, the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards for English/Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics were adopted beginning with  the 2013-2014 school year. The purpose of these standards is to establish clear and consistent goals for learning that will prepare our students for success in college and work. By having Standards that are consistent and clear about what students are expected to learn, teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them.


The USD #449 Board of Education continued the transition to the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards when they adopted the Next Generation Science Standards along with the KCCRS for History, Government and Social Studies K-12 in the spring of 2014.


Our district handles all curriculum needs through the District Curriculum Committee.  This committee, also known as the DCC, is made up of the district administrators, along with a teacher representative from each building. Developing Kindergarten through twelfth grade curriculum is an ongoing process that comprises all teachers. Teachers are involved with professional learning around the changes in the standards, review curriculum standards both horizontally, as well as vertically, to show the developmental progression of the skills throughout the student's academic career, as well as participate in critical reviews of textbook materials available to address the courses.


Easton USD #449 assesses student performance using Kansas State Assessments administered to students’ grades 3-11. The Kansas State Assessments are currently in a period of transition as the state moves from an assessment based on the 2003 standards to an assessment based on the KCCRS. Look for updates as that transition process is completed.


You can view the curriculum standards for each grade level by clicking the Approved Curriculum link under Quick Links. For additional information please contact Jeanine Murphy, Director of Curriculum.