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Update from Mr. Beying

Posted Date: 09/04/2020

Update from Mr. Beying
Good evening, PR Families!
I want to take a few minutes tonight to share some information with you as our start date of September 8, 2020 draws near.  First of all, I want you to know that we still intend to start school on September 8 with all In-person students in attendance.  Remote Learners, obviously, will begin at home on September 8, as well.  It is our earnest belief that students need to be in school and we will be working hard to make that possible! We will be working in concert with the Leavenworth County Health Department.  Along the way there will be times where circumstances dictate a temporary change from that plan.  If/When that occurs, we will provide your family with an opportunity to make arrangements. 
I am attaching a COVID-19 Guideline to help parents of In-person students to navigate when students are recommended to come to school and to guide when perhaps students should remain at home.  This guideline has been approved by the LCHD and will be referred to as we monitor our illness rates.  Please pre-screen your student each morning and refer to this guideline as necessary.  All students and staff will have their temperature taken upon entrance of our schools.  While having a fever of over 100 degrees certainly DOES NOT mean a child or adult has COVID-19, that will be our measuring stick to identify students or adults who should remain home from school as they refer to the attached guidelines.  If there is a positive case in one of our buildings the Leavenworth County Health Department will contact any parents of students or staff members that may have had direct exposure or the possibility of exposure.
We want our students and staff to be healthy and present every day.  We want our students to be able to participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities to the greatest extent possible.  It will be incumbent upon our entire community to work with us in order to make that happen.  These should be wonderful times in the lives of our children.  Please help us to promote healthy habits like handwashing, sanitizing, and facemasks to keep our school community both healthy and in school!  
I want you to know that we are going to have a number of restrictions in place for school visitors and spectators that we have not had in the past.  Our schools will be much less accessible to others than we have become accustomed to at Pleasant Ridge.  You will learn more about that from your school principal.  Similarly, we will be placing tight restrictions on the number of spectators allowed to attend games/events within the district.  While we hope that we can outgrow these restrictions and loosen them as the year progresses, I am asking your cooperation for as long as we need to have them in place to help assure the safest possible events for our students and for visiting teams and fans.  
Please be watching for additional information on attendance restrictions and our Leavenworth County Gating Plan that will help us to determine what learning modes are recommended by county officials.  Thank you for helping us to keep students and staff safe.  Know that we are squarely on the side of student attendance/school learning.  Look for much more information this week on the district website, district facebook page, and via textcaster.  
Have a great evening and I look forward to seeing you in the coming days and weeks!
Tim Beying
Superintendent Easton 449